3D X Ray Imaging

3D X rays help us further improve your smile. This cutting edge technology gives us the ability to see the whole mouth in 3D, allowing us to easily identify issues and corrections needed. Besides faster treatment times, these scans also offer more accurate images. While not all dentist offices use this technology, we believe in offering our patients the best treatment available.

Benefits of 3D X Rays:

  • Makes full 3D scans of the mouth and face quickly and comfortably
  • Uses far less radiation than traditional x-rays
  • Improves accuracy of procedures, such as dental implants, saving you time
  • Scans are available immediately to help with diagnosing and planning treatment
  • Images are easily shared with other doctors and medical professionals

There are no special preparations needed to get a 3D x ray. The whole process takes only minutes. In fact, it takes less time than traditional x rays. We can safely go one step deeper than the traditional x-ray and get the entire picture. This allows for more accurate diagnosis and treatments, as well as better placement for things like dental implants.

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Dr. Guttry is the best dentist in Longview! His staff is friendly and very helpful. When my previous dentist retired, Robert and his team welcomed me like family. They have repeatedly gone above and beyond what I expected! I would highly recommend Dr. Guttry to anyone looking for a dentist they can trust!

3D X Ray Technology

With 3D x ray imaging, there is a more complete understanding of tooth structure and root positions. We are able to clearly see every side of the tooth with ease. This allows for more precise treatments. The scan comes out as a three dimensional image that can be rotated and zoomed in on. This improved technology shows us the jaw and teeth bones as well as the soft tissues, the jaw anatomy and nerve tracks. We can then see what improvements need to be made, which is very useful with root canals as well as implants.

3D scanning technology has evolved from CT scanning in the medical world where a CAT scan quickly rotates around a patient’s body and scans the person. Our x ray procedure is very similar. The cone beam scanner rotates around the patient’s head to get the 3D image of the mouth. Once the scan is complete, it is uploaded to a computer where we can rotate and zoom in on specific areas.

Traditional x rays must be pieced together in sections, but 3D x rays have everything in one digital file. There are no special films or storage needed, since the process is 100% digital. Files are saved on the computer and easily pulled up for viewing during your appointment. We can also send digital x rays in a simple email to another health care provider.

Every patient is unique and deserves to receive one on one care. After all, no two mouths are the same and no treatment plan is either. No matter what set of issues you are facing, we want to help you identify and correct them in the best way possible. Call Guttry Dental today to find out if our 3D x ray imaging can assist in your treatment plan.

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