4 Common Cosmetic Dentistry Myths and Misconceptions

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More and more people are turning to cosmetic dentistry to achieve that perfect smile. They pay hundreds and thousands of dollars for teeth whitening, veneers, and more to get the best look. Unfortunately, many myths are prevalent in the cosmetic dentistry world, causing many people to doubt that the perfect smile is within reach. 

Are you afraid to undergo a cosmetic dentistry procedure simply because of something someone said? If so, you’re not alone. We will address as many cosmetic dentistry myths as possible to show you the truth.

 Myth 1. Cosmetic dentistry hurts a lot

It’s no secret that many people associate dentistry with pain. So, people thinking that cosmetic dentistry will hurt is to be expected. Fortunately, just like dental procedures and technology, anesthetics have come a long way. These days, you will experience far less pain and still get amazing results. You can rest assured that you will stay comfortable throughout the treatment and come out with a better smile. 

That’s also not to say it is completely painless. You may still feel some pain, especially after the anesthetic wears off. If this is a big concern, please let the dentist know. He will help you find the most pain-free route possible! 

Myth 2. Cosmetic dentistry is expensive 

Cosmetic dentistry used to be quite expensive. However, as technology and materials have advanced, the cost has dropped significantly. While you will still need to invest some money into cosmetic dentistry, it is far more affordable today than in days past. To know just what kind of costs you may be facing, you can always consult with a cosmetic dentist to understand the possible investment for the procedures you want.

Myth 3. Any dentist can offer cosmetic dentistry

This myth is quite common, even in other industries and lines of work. For instance, people assume someone working in an IT department is an expert at everything IT. This is not true, as each professional has their own set of skills, and the same is true with dentists. 

Not just any dentist can offer cosmetic dentistry. Only those that have undergone training and are properly certified can provide such services. For that reason, you should always ask your dentist if they have the training and are certified to carry out cosmetic dentistry. This way, you guarantee that a qualified professional will enhance your smile. 

Myth 4. Cosmetic dentistry will damage real teeth

This myth was true in the past, when dental procedures were not as refined as they are now. Thanks to modern technology, your natural teeth will be left in much better shape than before. In fact, a cosmetic dentist can even prevent oral issues such as bone loss or tooth decay, meaning that they save your real teeth rather than damage them.


That being said, if you still have questions about any procedure, take it up with your cosmetic dentist. They can provide you the information you need to make a well-informed decision about how you want to improve your smile!

Guttry Dental is a dental clinic in Longview, offering cosmetic dentistry, dental crowns, and more to help patients achieve the healthiest and most beautiful smile possible. Schedule an appointment with us today and give your teeth the treatment they deserve!

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