5 Important Benefits of Having a Family Dentist


Your family’s dental health is crucial to the overall quality of life in the long run, and it’s especially important that children have access to regular visits to the dentist. Besides good habits like daily teeth brushing, regular appointments with a family dentist should be part of your child’s life from the very beginning.

What Is Family Dentistry?

A family dentist is a practitioner that treats patients of all ages. They offer a wide array of oral hygiene treatments, such as cleaning, fillings, checkups, and more.

At any point in life, a family dentist can address the oral health of every member of your family, from infants, children, young adults, as well as adults. Children especially have particular dentistry needs, and family dentists are qualified to provide care for both baby teeth and permanent teeth.

Family dentists have a thorough knowledge of the changes that children’s teeth go through as they age. The best family dentists also approach children with gentleness and a soft hand so they won’t become afraid of going to the dental office.

Here are five important benefits of having a family dentist to provide lifelong dental services to you and your family:

Complete Family Dental History

Having a lifelong family dentist means that they know your entire dental history. They will have a complete record of all your past dental issues, and they have an intimate knowledge of your sensitivities, allergies, and habits.

This thorough knowledge leads to high-quality dental care. Your family dentist will be able to keep track of all your chronic issues and problem areas. Some dental issues can be genetic, so it can be very advantageous to have the same dentist for the whole family.


Having a dedicated family dentist means you only have to contact one dental office to set an appointment for your whole family. You could even make a family outing of it and choose just one day to bring everyone in for their checkups. Even if you have a mix of young children and teenagers, your family dentist will have no problem treating everyone.

Personal Touch

Often, children can grow up being afraid of the dentist. For them, it can be a scary experience to sit in that chair and have someone messing with their teeth. If your child gets to know the dentist from an early age, that fear may never even develop. After several years of visits, the dentist will just be another familiar adult they can be friends with.

Reliable Advice

Having one dentist from a very young age means your children will have excellent oral hygiene practices for the rest of their life. A lifelong familiarity with a family dentist means they understand all your specific needs. This personalized care will lead to better oral hygiene habits that are sure to be effective.

Excellent Oral Hygiene at Every Age

Family dentists provide care for people of all ages. From developing good dental habits in young children to maintaining healthy teeth in young adults, all the way to the dental issues that plague adults of advanced age, your family dentist will be there for you.


Going to a family dentist will benefit your whole family for many years to come. You want to give your children the best possible care as early in life as possible, and a family dentist could be someone they’re comfortable with and someone they will not be afraid of.

There is nothing more convenient than setting dental appointments for your entire family in just one place!

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