5 Simple Food Tips to Help Minimize Your Teeth Stains

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Imagine you’re out to dinner with a charming date. You order and eat a hearty meal before going out for a walk, and it seems to be going exceptionally well. You’re both smiling and laughing, until a small part of your brain suddenly gets self-conscious about your stained teeth.

Teeth staining is often brought upon by external sources, such as certain food and beverages. Though discoloration occurs over time, and not immediately after you consume food, it’s better to regulate what you’re eating to keep your teeth white and healthy. Here are a few suggestions to incorporate into your eating habits.

Skip the Red Wine

Despite how great it tastes and its health benefits, red wine contains a whole lot of chromogen and tannins. Tannins come from the crushed grape skins that are in your favorite alcoholic beverage. Those two components are acidic, wearing away at your tooth enamel and causing the teeth to darken.

If you’re looking for an alternative that will lessen the likelihood of teeth staining while giving you the same effects, you can opt for white wine instead. Be careful though. While it’s generally less discoloring, it can also play a part in staining your teeth if combined with other darkly pigmented foods and drinks.

Bring the Cheese Board

If your heart is set on drinking wine, consider bringing a cheese board along with it. Cheese is considered a neutralizer that eases the acid in any meal or drink. It provides your teeth with a layer of protection from the staining properties in the acidic items. Just don’t forget to follow it up with brushing your teeth.

Order White Sauces

On the off chance that you’re craving pasta, consider ordering white sauces instead of red sauces. Bolognese, marinara, and more are all tomato-based, which contain as many chromogens as wine does. As you have probably guessed, eating too much red sauce can affect your teeth’s whiteness. Creamy white sauces, such as Béchamel and Alfredo won’t stain as much.

Just Drink Water Instead

A lot of different beverages can cause teeth staining. If you’re a coffee or tea drinker, you probably already know the bad news. Both of those beverages have a reputation for making your teeth appear darker. Though it appears to be the better option, green tea is surprisingly worse than coffee when it comes to chromogens, though.

Next time you’re feeling a little thirsty, maybe try drinking water instead. It doesn’t have any teeth-staining properties, and can even help strengthen your teeth and wash away existing chromogens in your mouth.

Try and Use a Straw

Here in the Texas heat, sodas, iced tea and lemonade can be very hard to resist on a hot summer day. As refreshing and comforting as these drinks can be, they can hurt your long term teeth whitening progress. Drinking them through a straw can really help to minimize tooth staining.

Straws allow you to avoid most contact with your teeth, especially the more visible front teeth. You’ll be able to get the same refreshment and enjoyment of your favorite drinks without most of the adverse effects. If you want to use a metal straw, look for ones with silicone tips to avoid accidentally chipping your teeth.


You don’t have to give up your favorite food and drinks in the name of your pearly whites. It is always important to note that everything should be taken in moderation. And don’t underestimate the power of brushing your teeth after every meal, when possible! Doing these simple things can help your teeth stay whiter for longer.

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