Cosmetic Dentistry Services

Have you been dreaming of a dazzling smile that you can be proud to show off to the world? At Guttry Dental, we help you achieve your best smile. No matter your dental needs, whether damaged, missing, broken or stained teeth, we have a solution! Our experienced, friendly staff will help you navigate our cosmetic dental services. We offer a wide range of cosmetic dentistry procedures including: dental veneers, dental bonding, dental crowns, dental implants, teeth whitening, and Invisalign Orthodontics.

Having a gorgeous, white smile has never been easier. A few minor changes can have a huge impact. Just about anyone can benefit from our cosmetic dentistry services. Together we will improve your dental health and create the smile of your dreams!

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Good dentist! Good person! Good staff!
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Dr. Guttry is the best dentist in Longview! His staff is friendly and very helpful. When my previous dentist retired, Robert and his team welcomed me like family. They have repeatedly gone above and beyond what I expected! I would highly recommend Dr. Guttry to anyone looking for a dentist they can trust!
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Are you in need of a smile makeover? Getting that nice, bright white smile is just a phone call away. Our comprehensive cosmetic dentistry can help you achieve all your dental goals. At Guttry Dental, we pride ourselves on exceptional patient care and the highest quality work.

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Types of Cosmetic Dentistry We Offer

Dental veneers are commonly used to cover imperfections, making teeth look straighter or whiter. Veneers are laminated to the front of a tooth and made from a thin layer of porcelain or resin. We strive to make our cosmetic dentistry implants and veneers look as natural as possible by carefully matching the color and shape of your natural teeth. We work with a state of the art dental lab that creates all our products. Combine that with Dr. Guttry’s knowledge and skill and you will get a smile you love. If you want to improve your smile, cosmetic dentistry can help!

Dental Bonding

This is a technique used to reshape teeth or make a small tooth bigger. A composite resin, matched to your natural tooth color, is used to rebuild the tooth and sculpt it to the desired shape. You can trust Dr. Guttry’s experience to make your bonded tooth appear natural. Dental bonding fixes teeth that have been damaged, chipped, or cracked. It uses the person’s natural tooth as the base and is highly effective. The bonding procedure only takes about 30-60 mins to complete.

Dental crowns restore strength and function to your teeth while preserving your smile’s appearance. If a tooth is cracked or broken beyond repair, a crown may be needed. They are often used to protect weak or damaged teeth, to prevent a tooth from breaking or to restore a tooth after a root canal. Crowns, also commonly known as caps, are placed securely over the damaged or partial tooth. Dental crowns are made from metal, porcelain, resin or ceramic. Our cutting edge dental lab custom makes every crown to look and perform their very best.

Dental implants can transform an incomplete smile. A safe alternative to removable dentures, implants permanently replace missing teeth. Whether you have just one tooth gone or several teeth missing, dental implants can help.  These permanent fixtures form a bond with your jawbone to create a functional and aesthetically pleasing smile. If you have a missing tooth or teeth, you should take action to correct the problem. Failure to replace missing teeth can throw off you bite and lead to jawbone deterioration. Guttry Dental can assess your individual situation and guide you toward the best options for your oral health.

Teeth Whitening is a simple cosmetic dentistry procedure that makes an extreme difference. Over the years, your teeth may become discolored or stained. Your morning coffee or that glass of merlot can wreak havoc on your purely whites. Our in office whitening takes less than an hour to complete. A great alternative to whitening strips, in office whitening tends to cause less tooth sensitivity and also leads to much quicker results. If you’re in need of a smile makeover, teeth whitening may be just what you need!

Invisalign invisible aligners are a great alternative to traditional metal braces. Though most commonly used to straighten the teeth, Invisalign also fixes overbites and underbites. This cosmetic dentistry treatment uses a series of plastic trays to move your teeth into their new location. Unlike traditional orthodontics that feature permanent metal brackets fixed to the teeth, Invisalign can be removed for eating and cleaning making them much more convenient.

Are you ready to achieve that gorgeous, white smile?  Let us help you improve your dental health and create the smile of your dreams with our cosmetic dentistry services. Give us a call to schedule your appointment today!