Dealing With Missing Teeth: Some Solutions

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Among the different dental conditions that anyone will ever deal with throughout their lifetime, none can make a person feel more insecure than having missing teeth. Although it may seem like a surface-level problem compared to gingivitis and tooth decay, missing teeth can bring about an array of different inconveniences.

When you start living with missing teeth for long periods, you’ll eventually get to that point where you can’t help but notice the gaps (pun intended) in your dental health! For example, you may have a difficult time eating certain kinds of food, and you work hard at keeping your mouth closed when you smile.

If you’re looking for a way out of your predicament, dental technology is on your side. There are many available options that are both excellent, convenient, and accessible!

Why Should You Avoid Living with Your Gaps?

While you might dismiss it as a cosmetic problem, the truth about missing teeth is that they pose problems far beyond “weird” feelings and funny-looking smiles. When you don’t have a complete set of teeth, you experience difficulties that go far beyond losing the ability to chew properly and speak clearly. The reason for this lies in the fact that every tooth has its proper place. So losing even one may lead to unwanted shifts in the position of surrounding teeth.

If you ignore your missing teeth, you lose the necessary placeholders to prevent surrounding teeth from moving out of place. Soon enough, you can have bite problems and a misaligned jaw. Additionally, the gum and bone beneath the gaps left by missing teeth will quickly deteriorate, creating weakness for surrounding teeth and further tooth loss!

What Can You Do for Your Missing Teeth?

Whether you’re dealing with singular or multiple missing teeth, there are all sorts of available treatment options that you can use to avoid the complications mentioned above.

When you make an appointment for treatment at Guttry Dental, you’ll likely be presented with two options for fixing missing teeth: implants and dentures. To best understand which treatment alternative you can look forward to as a means to improve your dental health, let’s go over each treatment method in further detail.


Implants are desired by many because they are identical to actual teeth in every way. They are designed and developed to provide one of the best options for restoring functionality, comfort, and aesthetics.

When you invest in this type of treatment, you have a solution that’s not only designed to give the feeling of natural teeth, but you’ll also have something that you can rely on for decades, thanks to outstanding durability. In addition, implants are built in such a way where they don’t affect surrounding teeth during placement—which means they can immediately start preventing bone loss since they function on a convenient plug-and-play format of sorts!


On the other end of the tooth loss treatment spectrum, dentures are seen as a cost-effective alternative treatment that anyone dealing with a missing tooth can rely on to calm their troubles.

Nowadays, these treatment solutions have become more desirable because they are much more effective in replicating teeth and providing a whole-mouth type of feel when eating, chewing, drinking, talking, and smiling. Additionally, dentures are removable for brushing, cleaning, and repairs, making them highly convenient for even the most meticulous hygiene-heavy people!


Dealing with missing teeth is a dental problem that you should never overlook because of all the implications when left untreated and uncared for. With the help of either dentures or implants, however, you won’t need to worry about getting caught without a tooth ever again!

At Guttry Dental, our staff is genuinely devoted to our patients and committed to giving the highest quality dental care possible. We hope you will call us with any questions, and we look forward to helping you improve your smile!

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