5 Strategies for Maintaining a Sparkly White Smile

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Having a perfect smile can really boost your confidence. But over time, our teeth may lose their pearly white color and turn yellowish. Discolored teeth can easily be the reason for someone to feel less insecure.

While it’s certainly good news that you can get whiter teeth through a variety of methods, going to see a good cosmetic dentist is still the best solution. They can offer their patients several whitening options, such as laser whitening, to get the color they desire. Here are some of the causes of teeth discoloration and how you can maintain your teeth’s white glow.

Avoid foods and drinks that stain your teeth

The most common cause of discoloration in your teeth is consuming foods that contain dyes or staining agents. In addition, soda, coffee, tea, and wine can cause teeth to turn yellow if left untreated or consumed in excess over long periods of time. If it is unavoidable to drink these, try to brush your teeth immediately to reduce the chances of stains.

Aside from food and drinks, constant tobacco smoking and chewing can turn your teeth brown. Nicotine, the stimulant drug present in tobacco, causes discoloration in teeth and might be more challenging to clean than food dyes.

Drink through a straw

Drinking liquids through a straw can reduce the chances of staining. By using straws, the drinks will go directly to your tongue and throat without touching the front teeth. However, it’s a good idea to use reusable straws to reduce the production of plastic waste. Reusable straws are readily available in many local grocery stores. Carry them with you wherever possible, and look for straws with silicone tips to avoid chipping your teeth.

Look for a whitening toothpaste that suits your needs

Aside from regular toothpaste, manufacturers have made toothpaste variants that claim to clean out teeth stains and provide a whiter glow. But remember to find a variant of toothpaste that strengthens your teeth while whitening them.

Although whiter teeth are nice to look at, whitening toothpastes and products often contain harsh chemicals that can damage the enamel of your teeth. Thinned-out enamel can lead to both stained teeth and heightened sensitivity. So remember to keep your teeth clean and healthy at all times too.

Have your teeth regularly cleaned by the dentist

The general rule is to visit your dentist once every six months. Having a regular checkup ensures that your teeth are in perfect condition. If ever there are issues that need to be fixed, your dentist can take care of them before they get worse. In addition, oral cleaning by a professional can make your teeth feel not only squeaky-clean but also visibly whiter.

Get whitening touch-ups

Getting treatment once is not enough to maintain a whiter set of teeth. It is also essential to have them treated every once in a while. However, do not go overboard with treatments as using them excessively may damage your teeth. Instead of having a perfect set of teeth, you might end up with a broken smile. Doing the steps above should at least prolong the shine of your teeth for a few more months.


Having a professional cosmetic dentist treat your teeth is still the best way to achieve a million-watt smile. It may cost a bit, but the results can be great. The steps above should hopefully prolong your teeth’s pearly shine.

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