Breaking Down Dental Crowns: How Long Do They Usually Last?

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A dental crown is a common dental cosmetic solution that dentists recommend for patients with damaged teeth. The cap is placed on top of the tooth that needs concealing. With a dental crown, the shape, size, and even function of a damaged tooth gets restored. It is an excellent fix to the damaged tooth, but how long do they last?

Crowns are not meant to last forever, but other dental cosmetic solutions also have specific lifespans. If you plan to get a dental crown, this article will tell you how long you can expect it to last, what can affect its quality over time, and when to replace it.

Why Get a Dental Crown

Dental crowns can be the answer if you have any of the following:

  • Your tooth is sensitive enough after a root canal. A dental crown is placed on it as protection.
  • You have a broken or cracked tooth.
  • You need to attach dental bridges.
  • You have a weak tooth in need of strengthening.

Types of Dental Crowns and How Long They Last

Dental crowns can be made from different materials, which influence their longevity. Your dentist usually decides which material is best for your tooth, depending on what is needed. Some considerations include the location of the affected tooth, the amount of remaining natural tooth, and how much of the crown is visible when the patient smiles.

On average, a crown can last ten years. In order to maximize that lifespan, you need to take care of your teeth properly.

What Factors Affect the Lifespan of Your Dental Crown

The main factor is your hygiene and lifestyle. To preserve your teeth and dental crown’s lifespan, you need to have proper dental hygiene, which includes brushing the teeth two to three times a day, flossing at least once a day, and getting dental cleaning twice a year.

In general, your crown’s longevity would depend on the following:

  • The health of the affected tooth
  • Type of crown used
  • Skills of your dentist
  • How you use your tooth

When Does the Crown Need Replacement

The crown would need replacement if you observe the following:

  • Decay. You should replace a dental crown as soon as decay occurs. However, that is only determined through a dental x-ray.
  • When there is an opening within the crown, specifically a space between the crown and the adjacent tooth, a replacement should be performed. The gap would only encourage bacterial growth if not addressed immediately.
  • You feel pain in the affected area. Usually, the underlying cause of this is tooth decay. The only way to fix it is to remove the decaying tooth and do that, and you need to take the crown off first. Replacing it with new material might be necessary.
  • When you feel like your dental crown is moving or unstable.
  • When you see that your crown is no longer visually pleasing, you might want to replace it soon, especially if you notice a chip.


Nothing lasts forever, and that is the case for a dental crown as well. There are ways to preserve its life as long as possible. When getting a dental crown, make sure to ask your dentist about the proper care tips and special instructions to keep it in good condition. With enough care, it could last ten to fifteen years.

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