Hygiene Habits: What to Do After Getting Invisalign Aligners

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The hassle of wearing traditional braces is a thing of the past, with many patients opting for the latest in dental innovation. Invisalign clear aligners can eliminate your worries of wearing a high-maintenance dental apparatus in your mouth. Since they’re not fixed to your teeth, you can comfortably remove them before you eat and drink.

However, no dental solution is free from flaws and life adjustments. Besides, any treatment that sounds too good to be true is probably a waste of your money. Although Invisalign aligners have incredible benefits, you’ll still have to do your part to ensure the success of your teeth alignment treatment.

What life changes you should expect with Invisalign aligners

Patients who undergo Invisalign aligners to straighten their teeth typically need to wear them for over 12 months. Since you can remove them at any point and time, your treatment period can be longer or shorter, depending on how strictly you follow the dentist’s directions. Once you walk out of the dentist’s office with a fresh pair of Invisalign aligners, you need to prepare yourself for several responsibilities.

In this article, we’ll share three things you should expect after starting your Invisalign treatment.

1. Cleaning your aligners

Perhaps the biggest part of an Invisalign’s appeal is its transparent, nearly invisible appearance. It’s an excellent solution for people who are self-conscious about their appearance and smile. Unfortunately, the aligners’ material isn’t perfect or invulnerable. It requires regular cleaning to ensure that it doesn’t lose its clarity over time. This also means that you should avoid having food and drinks that can easily stain it, like the usual suspects of soft drinks, coffee, and wine. Particularly, hot beverages can damage your aligner’s thin plastic, causing it to warp and become uncomfortable to wear.

Besides avoiding certain food items, it’s also not advisable to smoke or chew gum while wearing Invisalign. To clean your aligners, you must remove them and put them in a glass containing antibacterial soap and warm water.

2. Keeping backup aligners

While the convenience of removing them from time to time is one of Invisalign’s biggest selling points, it’s a feature that can work against you. Keep in mind that your teeth are in a vulnerable state while not wearing your aligners. Every hour you spend without your aligners can compromise your treatment. This makes it problematic if you lose or misplace your aligners.

It usually takes close to a week before you can get a replacement set of aligners, which is why it’s best to have a backup set just in case. Your aligners will have to get adjusted over time, so remember to keep your previous set even after receiving a new set from your dentist.

3. Getting retainers after finishing treatment

Keeping your teeth straight and clean doesn’t stop after you finish your Invisalign treatment. To maintain your new smile, you’ll likely need to continue straightening them further by getting retainers. Transitioning to a retainer is necessary to prevent your misaligned teeth from shifting back to their previous position. Consult with your dentist for the best way to accommodate your shift from aligners to retainers.


Although the steps above can seem a little demanding, it’s nothing compared to what previous generations had to endure with traditional braces. With Invisalign aligners, you have more freedom and flexibility while still getting the proper treatment for your teeth.

Seeking a professional dental professional will ensure that you will have little to no issues with your Invisalign aligners. At Guttry Dental, our staff is devoted to providing our patients with the highest quality of dental care possible. If you need a cosmetic dentist in Longview, TX, contact us today!

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